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Congratulations, Larry Cutrone,
inducted into the
Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame

Click here to visit Larry Cutrone's website.


 New More Intimate Comedy Rehearsal Space


You can rent this space to practice your new comedy routines and
bring up to 7 spectators to critique your performance and give you live feedback.
The cost is $45/hr. with a 1.5 hour minimum.
Available only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Must be reserved in advance.


The Singing Cowboys

Let Grubstake Glen and Rocky Mountain Ray gather up a posse to celebrate your birthday! The Singing Cowboys from Wild West City lead the fun in a birthday celebration featuring songs, jokes, and Western games. Try your hand at spinnin’ a rope and throwin’ a loop. The boys have performed for all ages at County Fairs, Crayola Factory and private birthday parties. In his days before cowboying, Griubstake taught youngun’s in grades 2-6, so he knows a bit about kids and the wiggles. Ray raised cattle, owned horses and always enjoyed strummin’ his guitar. When not cooking at the chuckwagon or tracking down the bad guys at Wild West City, the pair enjoy leading western sing-alongs and western trivia games with older buckaroos.




We were winners at the 2013 NJACT Perry Awards!


Sue Conover Marinello, of Montville, NJ, won Best Director for Outstanding Production of an Original Play on Sunday, September 22, 2013, at the 40th annual New Jersey Association of Community Theaters' [NJACT] Perry Awards Ceremony. NJACT awarded Perry Awards for this production to: director, Marinello; producer, Tom Timbrook, of The Darress Theatre in Boonton, NJ; and writer, Lawrence Francis of Long Valley. The original plays, two one-acts entitled, RU FOR SALE? and SHE LOVES ME KNOT!, premiered in May 2013.

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"Life With Nostradamus" - TV Pilot by Carl Worner

Carl Worner - a NJ resident and former Broadway actor and playwright has adapted one of his stage plays, "Life With Nostradamus" as a TV pilot sitcom which he plans to enter in a contest in NYC for new TV shows as well as pitch to the networks. The requirement is to produce a pilot episode on video.

Many scenes have been shot at the historic Darress Theatre, using both the main stage and green room which is available for rent at an hourly rate. The owner of the theatre has made rooms available for various functions such as film auditions, meetings and special events.

Carl shot scenes of the 15th century Nostradamus who appears in the video in his private study in France on the main stage using a black curtain, a desk, a few props and candles with some simple back lighting to create a dark and mysterious opening scene, not showing much period detail. The results were fantastic. Other scenes required green screen shots and most of those scenes were shot in the green room in the back of the theatre. Carl shot on location in various parts of north Jersey but some scenes could not be completed on location. So Carl decided to have the actors do their scenes in front of a green screen and add photos of the location in the background later in post production. Tom, the owner of the theatre has made everything possible to get the job done, providing the space, lighting and occasional video camera to capture some of the scenes.

Carl plans to show the completed video at the Darress Theatre on the big screen.