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Darress Theatre History

Our History

This article from the Daily Record gives a brief history of the theatre.



Click on any of the pictures below to see a bigger image.

Here is a sample of an old movie program from back in the days when the Darress was known as the State Theatre.

This sample was found and brought to us by one of our valued customers



Very early poster, before
the name was changed
to the State Theatre.


Old poster from the days
when the building was known
as the State Theatre.


Charles Darress, builder of
the Darress Theatre, (on right)
and unidentified friends standing
in front of the theatre building
sometime in the Spring of 1920.


This picture was done by a local artist in the late forties or early fifties and shows the building with a black glass facade and the elaborate "State Theatre" marquee,  both of which no longer exist.  It was made into a postcard format.  More information about this image will be provided as we get it.
The appearance of the theatre is again in a transition stage after the loss of the marquee (due to serious damage suffered when it was struck on two separate occasions by a couple of tall delivery trucks trying to park along Main Street), the replacement of the front doors, and the uncovering of a window which had been concealed for years.  Images of the changes will be posted in the near future.